"Brandtasy"  (3minutes, 44 seconds)

This is a new short film produced for the agency. The goal is to give prospects a small taste of our creative capabilities and touch on our creative philosophy without taking ourselves too seriously. What a surreal experience shooting in the middle of the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway. Our little production made the evening news on two different stations as well as a morning talk show. Hope you enjoy! 


My very first short film made its official premiere at Gasparilla ... 

Synopsis: A withdrawn and headstrong artist, Elena, has died but can’t leave her true love behind, gregarious, lighthearted Henry. Her guide in the afterlife, Alderman, helps Elena bridge the connection between her obsession with drawing Henry and the real reason she remains near.

Hope you enjoy the film!  (17 minutes, 10 seconds)

 "These Days" / Part Music Video, Part Short Film

This was a corporate film for one of our agency clients: The Brass Tap. By design, it more closely resembles a music video than a corporate film. In addition to featuring an original song (Tim Fowler wrote the music, I wrote the lyrics) we created a band to play the song in the film, assembling an eclectic mix of talented musicians.  The idea behind the film was to start viewers off in an 18th century environment where a man brews beer the old fashioned way, in a time-honored process that feels somewhat sacred. We then transition to a modern day Brass Tap where the same love of authentically crafted beer remains alive and well. But this story is about more than just artisan crafted beer.  It's about the experience and anticipation of what the night might bring...in a place where anything can happen. 

"Moovin' Video": Pairing SEM with Video Production 

Jeepers. I'm usually on the other side of the camera, so this was my first time stepping out in front as "talent". I probably did more than a hundred rehearsals on my iMac to prep for it. Terms like "Search Engine Optimization Strategies" don't exactly roll off the tongue. To those out there who think acting is easy ... it ain't. 


Fire eating, Juggling & Money orders: A look Behind the Scenes

This is a look behind the scenes at a recent campaign for one of our long-standing agency clients. You get to meet all kinds of neat people in this business – and Fritzy is no exception. 


Sometimes when you talk to your TV, it talks back!

This is another "peek behind the curtain" so to speak. Love my partner in crime – DP Christian Moriarty. The crazier my writing the more challenges he must solve on the technical end ... And he always does so beautifully. Also loved my actors in this spot. Each one helped make the magic happen in just 15 seconds